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What is AmpMe ?

Put your mobile devices together and get ready to make some NOISE! AmpMe is the world’s most portable sound system! We’re not just any old music app; we bring people and music together. Our mobile app uses your phone or tablet to create a social music party. AmpMe lets you sync and play the same music simultaneously across multiple devices. (Taaaddaaa!! – Just like that!) Before you know it, you and your friends will be enjoying some good vibes and good times!

So, how exactly does AmpMe work?

With AmpMe you can throw a party on your device and invite as many friends to join as you’d like. Simply open the app and choose a song from your music library or one of many integrated music streaming services; then invite your friends to join the party on their own devices. Once your party is created, your friends can join by enabling the location settings in their devices and opening the app; the party will automatically show up on AmpMe’s home screen. Another way to invite your friends from anywhere around the world is to hit the ‘‘Invite Friends’’ button inside the app and share the link via social media or text message. Once that’s all set up, you can start queuing your songs by clicking ‘‘Add up to next’’ to build your party playlist. Time to get those party pants on!

Can I use AmpMe without an Internet connection?

For the complete experience, AmpMe requires an internet connection from your data plan or a nearby WiFi network in order to stream a music party. However, AmpMe also works in offline mode. You and your friends could be on a local LAN without internet and it would work with your local library.

What devices does AmpMe support?

AmpMe plays on both teams – iOS and Android!

What music services does AmpMe support?

AmpMe is currently compatible with SoundCloud, Youtube, Spotify and your local music library. We’re actively working to integrate new music streaming services, so keep an eye out for new sources in the near future.

What countries are AmpMe-friendly?

You can download AmpMe in 144 countries around the world. We’re all about bringing together music lovers, party goers, movers and shakers, wherever you go. AmpMe can be used anywhere, so long as you’ve got an Internet connection to access the music streaming services, or some awesome music in that local music library of yours. We bring the party— all day, every day!

How many people can join the party?

The sky’s the limit!!! Host an online party, share the link with your friends (and, strangers – if you want). As a matter of fact, we dare you to give it a try. Throw a party, share the link and try to get as many people as you can to join. Let us know how many people joined your party. Who knows, it may be a world record? ;)

Can I still receive phone calls while I use AmpMe?

Yes. Don’t worry; you’ll still receive all of your phone calls while you use AmpMe, however the music will stop on your phone so that you chat it up. Meanwhile, the other phones worry about playing the music so that the party can go on without you.

Who controls the music?

The music is controlled by the party host (DJ), which means that he or she can add music to the playlist and queue special requests made by guests. If the host decides to turn on 'Guest as DJ', other users will be able to add music to the party queue. Friends that connect are able to control the volume set on their devices. The same applies when it comes to Bluetooth speakers.

Can you change the Host/DJ during the party?

Only the host can control the party at the moment. Should you want to control the music, you may leave the party and start your own.

Can a speaker sync to another user?

Currently, the host or DJ is the only person who can sync to other party members. This being said, the party link can be shared via social media or text message by anyone.

Does AmpMe use data?

In the same way other music streaming services function, AmpMe uses regular data plans to start a party, unless you’re connected to a local LAN or WiFi.

Do devices need to continually sync?

No, the devices sync when they join a new party, and that’s all. One’s that’s done, you’re ready to go! (PARTTTAAYYY!)

Can you sync individual songs or just playlists?

You can sync any content that’s in your phone’s (already) awesome music library.

How do you sync to Bluetooth speakers?

Connect any Bluetooth speaker to a smartphone and amp up the party even more! The speaker will automatically sync to the party as soon as it is paired with a phone using the app. Now you can get even louder!

Does AmpMe work if I have a case on my phone?

Some cases may block off the speakers and hence affect the sound quality. If you experience syncing issues while using a case, try removing the case and giving it another go!

What if my party is out of sync?

If your party is out of sync, you can use the “resync” button located at the bottom left corner of the app. If it still doesn’t work, try restarting the app and joining the party again.