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What is AmpMe ?

AmpMe is the #1 portable sound system that connects you to friends, family, strangers (and even aliens)! We allow users to amplify the sound of their music by connecting several devices (both iOS and Android) to play the same music at the same time. Essentially, we allow phones to become a portable speaker system - like sonos! AmpMe also allows users to customize their profiles, follow other users, host and join virtual parties, join Global Parties, chat in the parties, react to the music and (best of all!) make new friends in the app

What devices does AmpMe support?

AmpMe plays on both teams – iOS and Android

Does AmpMe use data?

In the same way other music streaming services function, AmpMe uses regular data plans to start a party, unless you’re connected to a local WiFi

Can I still receive phone calls while I use AmpMe?

Yes. Don’t worry; you’ll still receive all of your phone calls while you use AmpMe, however the music will stop on your phone so that you can chat it up. Meanwhile, the other phones will continue to play music so that the party can go on without you.

How many people can join the party?

Hotspot parties: 5-8 guest

Who controls the music?

The music is controlled by the person who creates the party - the party host - also known as the DJ

Can I use AmpMe without an Internet connection?

For the complete experience, AmpMe requires an internet connection from your data plan or a nearby WiFi network in order to stream a music party. However, AmpMe also works in offline mode. You and your friends could be on a local LAN or hotspot without internet and it would work with your local library

How do I sync music if the app is not doing it properly?

To improve the sync, have guests manually sync their phone to the host’s. To do this: Go to party settings (gear icon at the top right hand side) and have guests change the "manual offset" themselves. This feature allows guests to manually sync the music to be playing at the right time.

How do you connect to Bluetooth speakers?

You are able sync one phone to one Bluetooth speaker, however, using AmpMe you can sync up several speakers by connecting each speaker to a separate phone. This will allow several bluetooth speakers from different brands to sync up, creating a portable sonos

Can AmpMe connect more than one bluetooth speaker to one phone?

No, one phone can only be connected to one bluetooth speaker. This is because AmpMe uses Bluetooth 4.1 and 4.2, which only allows for one-to-one pairing. We do not support Bluetooth 5.0 yet!

Who in the party should connect to Bluetooth speakers?

The best way to achieve perfect synchronization is by having the guests connect to bluetooth speakers. The sync works best when the host device is not connected to bluetooth speakers.

What music sources are available?

Your personal music library on your phone, YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify.

Can’t play YouTube when I leave the App?

iOS users: No, YouTube cannot be played in the background when you leave the app. This is a restriction put in place by YouTube, not AmpMe

Why do I need a premium Spotify account?

You need to have a premium Spotify account because of the access that AmpMe has to Spotify

Speaker Mode?

If you are nearby the host, we have a specific mode called “Speaker Mode”. In this mode, you just need to be near the host (approximately 10 meters) and in this case, your phone will act as a speaker mode. Only the host required to be logged in his Spotify Premium account

Will you add more music services?

We are always trying to add more music sources, so stay tuned for what is to come! Want us to add a music service? Email us at and let us now what’s your favourite source to stream music from!

Can you stream live audio, for something like a lecture or a presentation?

No. The way AmpMe’s technology is designed only works with pre-recorded music.

How offline mode works?

Private party mode allows you to restrict and control who is able to join your party, allowing you to only party with with friends! To enable Private Party mode

How private party works?

Private party mode allows you to restrict and control who is able to join your party, allowing you to only party with with friends! To enable Private Party mode

How DJ settings work?

Changing the DJ settings allows the host to control who can add music: Just themselves (the host), their friends or ANYONE! To change he DJ settings

How can I add songs to a playlist?

For the Host

Why is AmpMe asking me to sign with Facebook or Google?

Since AmpMe is a social app, we encourage you to sign in with Facebook or Google so that it is easier to connect with other friends and family using the app! By signing on with one of these two options, you will be able to share your profile, find other friends using the app and receive notifications when a friend starts a party!

Is my information secure?

Yes, your information is secure with AmpMe and is not being sold or distributed to any other parties.

How do I change my profile picture or name?

Customize your profile by changing your picture and name! To do this

How to delete your account?

With the latest version of AmpMe, you can delete your account directly in the app : go in your profile > tap on the settings icon at the top right > select Manage Account > Select Delete account. Don't forget to cancel your subscription.

You Found a Bug/Problem?

To report a bug in the app - which is anything that seems unusual or if one of the functions, like sync, is not working - go to “Report a Bug”. To do this

What languages does AmpMe support?

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Hindi

Why is AmpMe downloaded in the wrong language?

AmpMe will be downloaded in the device language and display the locale language if supported

What can I do to promote AmpMe to others?

Invite your friends to join your party and get them using the app! We also love to see how our fans use the app on social media, so make sure to include #ampmeapp if you ever upload a picture or video!

How can I promote my own music on the app?

AmpMe is always looking to connect with new artists! If you are interested in promoting your music on AmpMe, please email with the subject line 'Artist Collaboration.'

How can I cancel my subscription?

Here's how to cancel your subscription on iOS : and on Android :

How can I get a refund on Google Play or App Store?

Here's how to get a refund on Google Play : or App Store :

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