What can you expect working at AmpMe?
Flexible work environment
Wear a hat, wear a tuque, chill on the couches, work from home occasionally if you need to. Do what you have to do to focus and kick ass.
Challenging, rewarding work
We’re building tech that no one’s ever done before. That means it definitely won’t be easy, but that’s what excites us - the opportunity to build the best music app on the planet. Are you up for the challenge?
Competitive salaries
We know you’ll work hard, so we’ll take good care of you so that you can focus on doing your best work. Enjoy competitive salaries and bonuses. Hey, we’ll even send you on a vacation before you start!
Awesome benefits
Access to a private clinic, top dental, massage, health insurance - those are just a couple of the things you’ll enjoy.
Sick office gear
Your choice of laptop and high-end headphones, Bluetooth speakers, VR gaming rigs and Playstation. We really like our tech.
All the LOLs
The people here are funny AF (our latest hires can attest!). We’re serious about the work we do, but we have rickroll levels of fun doing it. Wait ‘til you get access to our Slack.
Our founder and CEO
Accomplished angel investor, entrepreneur, Dragon on Dans l’oeil du Dragon (Dragon’s Den), and core member of Montreal’s startup community, Martin-Luc launched AmpMe in September of 2015 with the goal of building a product that would bring the joy of social music to people all over the world.

A proud father of two kids, he believes in work-life balance and continuous learning, and when hiring people, one of his main criteria is 'can I learn something from this person?'

He’s built a diverse team of doers and shakers who share a core belief that music can be a positive force for good in our world. We’re looking for people who share that passion.
Life @ AmpMe
A chat with APP, AmpMe’s CTO

What’s the tech team’s biggest accomplishment so far?
We’ve built the tech that allows us to synchronize phones within a 30ms accuracy on both iOS and Android. But, we also have this working with Bluetooth speakers! To put this into perspective, many companies have been trying this very thing, but AmpMe is the first company in the world that can accomplish this on different hardware brands and different latency profiles. We’re very proud of this.

What are the challenges going forward?
Be in sync, always, no matter what device you’re on. This will require hard core audio analysis technology. Support for as many music sources as possible. And we need to scale our server infrastructure to be international while running with very low latency.

What key values is the tech team looking for in candidates?
Be eager to learn! We’re working on non trivial tech, and that requires people who want to learn to skills to solve challenges that don’t have solutions. We also want dedicated people who will treat AmpMe as if it’s their own little baby. Equally as importantly is we want team players at AmpMe. We never want to hear anyone say : that’s not in my job description.

Can you give a quick idea about the tech team structure?
Structure? What’s that? :) Seriously though, right now it’s pretty flat. We have 4 main “projects”: Android, iOS, Backend and Core Technology, but every member of the dev team meets together regularly and we’re all on hand to help each other figure out problems as they come up.

We ❤️️ Montreal
We’re building the future of music, and we’re doing it in a city we love.
Dope downtown location
AmpMe calls Montreal’s exciting golden square mile home. We have access to almost anything the city has to offer, including the underground city during winter so that you can stay warm!
Vibrant music culture
From world-class music festivals to some of North America’s best nightclubs, Montreal is a musical playground for people all over the world. We think that’s pretty awesome.
Fast-growing tech center
Montreal is home to a booming startup scene. In fact Quebec as a whole is adding smart new jobs every year. Come help us grow AmpMe to be one of the tech leaders of this amazing place.
P.S. We’re looking for the best of the best and we have the expertise to help the right international candidates get to Canada.