So you wanna work at AmpMe?

Awesome! We want to meet you! But before you jump the gun and pull that old c.v. of yours out, you might want to give this a quick read:

Here’s the truth. AmpMe’s a music app that turns your phone into a portable speaker. You bring the party, we bring the noise. We’re on a mission to spread good times and good vibes, around the globe. (And, we’re doing a pretty good job at it so far. We’ve got users in Canada, the US, Christmas Islands, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kazakhstan,Timbuktu, China, and more…) Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? Read more...

You see, AmpMe’s not your typical kinda startup. We’re not 9-5, and we don’t have a dress code. You can wear a hat (or, tuque), work with your headphones on, or even work in a bean bag if you'd like. We’ve got a somewhat different approach to working. We don’t care where or when you work. We trust that you can get your sh*t done and get it done well. We hire driven, forward thinking peeps that are passionate about what they do and hungry for knowledge. Did we mention it’s kind of a plus if you’re big into music? Now you know. If this sounds like the dream job, give us a shout!

Keep in mind that although our listing addresses specific roles, we're also open to spontaneous applications. So if you've got mad skills and the attitude to match it, we’ll find a role for you on the team. Holla at